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Thank you for your interest in our dogs. We are a group of foster homes from Canton to Ball Ground, Cumming to Alpharetta. We meet either Saturday or Sunday at local PetSmart locations. Please email the foster home of the dog you are interested in to find out where we will be next! Or feel free to call Michele at 770-722-1303.

This is dedicated to the memory of special friends who have passed on. We notify the bereaved every time a donation is made as long as it is provided.
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Cooper was also Purina® Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue® Pet of The Week in July 2011!
First a little history:
In 2005, we took in a dog, Cooper, from a family because "he got too big." They thought he was a beagle but turned out to be a Treeing Walker hound. They banished him to a bedroom in the house and that is where he lived for over a year. When we took him into our rescue we were filled to the gills so he lived at a barn on Highway 372 in Cumming along with some other dogs. Quickly, it became very obvious Cooper was not happy there and urned for human companionship which he lost so long ago. I would visit Cooper as often as I could and I would cry when I left him, he broke my heart. After about a week, I took him home, I just couldn’t leave him there anymore. My husband was not too thrilled to say the least not only because of all the dogs living in our house already, but because Treeing Walker hounds can be quite loud with their baying and Cooper was very, very loud. We all learned to deal with Cooper’s baying, that was just Cooper.

For a long time, Cooper was listed on petfinder.com and would attend adoptions regularly, but no one was interested in him. In the spring of 2006, I received a call from a lady named Vicki who recently had some life-changing experiences and was looking for a dog companion, she fell in love with Cooper when she saw his picture on petfinder.com and was touched by his story. I agreed to meet her at Starbucks in Woodstock one Saturday morning. Cooper being the southern gentleman he was on his best behavior. Vicki and Cooper became instant friends and she adopted him immediately. They have been best friends ever since.

Vicki’s letter from December 21, 2010:

Cooper is doing very well. He is a little chubby at 70 lbs, but that is due to thyroid issues more than treats. Cooper now lives in an all female house of two cats, a lab mix rescue name Zoey, and a much more recently adopted one year old great dane named Ellie Mae. I took a new job and promotion this year and my partner Mary and I moved to Ste. Genevieve, MO. Ste. Gen is the oldest town west of the Mississippi and has about 4000 people. I would hazard to say most of the 4000 people are familiar with Cooper because of his distinctive bawl when he greets folks during his daily walks. While he is still handsome as ever, his color is fading around his eyes and muzzle now, and next to walks and rides, his most favorite thing is sleeping on his leather ottoman. He still hates to get up before 10 a.m. and is still the first one in his bed at night. I think the only thing he misses from our home in St. Charles, MO is Starbucks and biscotti he got at the drive through on his way to daycare three times a week. Or maybe it is me who misses Starbucks!

My Christmas wish is for all who read this and most importantly to Michele who brought Cooper to me is to know in your hearts how very important the work you do everyday is – not just to the animals you rescue, but for the people your animals rescue. Cooper has been until January of this year the only positive constant in my life since I adopted him. It has been the two of us through two new jobs, a big move from Georgia to Missouri, and a lot of nights that would have been very empty without his snoring to keep me company. And the only reason Cooper and I are together is because someone followed their heart and worked to rescue and place him. While our family is much bigger now, Cooper is still my best buddy and the first in line for pets and hugs and treats.

To you and all those you love, best wishes this holiday season and a very Merry Christmas! God bless you all.

Vicki Colton and Cooper


Our dear precious boy, Tucker (aka Waldo) was put to sleep last week. He had renal failure. We tried everything for six weeks. He had chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture also IV hydration to flush the kidneys. He would rally after each treatment but we knew he was struggling so we made the decision. Lord, it was the hardest thing we've ever had to do. We are heartbroken and miss him terribly.

He was the best boy. We loved him so much. We thank you for allowing him to stay with us. We always joked about him being our favorite child. He was our favorite and will always be our favorite. He was a big boy but gentle and loving - not a mean bone in his body. He was the center of our life and we feel completely lost without him.

I wanted you to know about him. You've been so good at corresponding. In his file, I came across a letter you wrote about his whipworms and how worried you were. You wrote about the time you and your sister came to our home to 'check us out' and my husband had planned to run out the back door with him if you wouldn't let him stay with us. He has been an absolute joy to have since day one.

Tucker loved the doggie park and his golf cart rides. He was 11 years old. God made one really bad mistake when he created dogs.......he didn't make their life spans long enough. I'm so so thankful that God placed this loving boy with us. We will forever be grateful."

The Howard's, Tucker's mom and dad


Rest In Peace Charlie. We Will All Miss You -8/24/12

Holiday Gift of Love

White Oaks Banjo was his name. He was so loved by Melodie and Larry Reece of Canton, GA. Banjo crossed to the Rainbow Bridge in August 2011. In his name for the holidays they generously donated bags Purina Proplan to our rescue to help the furry friends in our care. We thank them for their thoughtfulness in Banjo's name.

"Banjo on the Driftwood Beach at Jekyll Island, Georgia. He loved to run on the beach. He was 8 lbs. of pure joy and we miss him very much. I hope the dog food is enjoyed by all. Thanks so much for the work that you do to keep our little four-leggers alive and well.
Happy Holidays." ~ Melodie and Larry Reece